About Our Company


BitsActive Systems is one of the largest offshore software development company striving to serve web development, mobile apps and digital marketing to our worldwide clients by embracing a business model that is distinctive and immensely productive. We provide custom software development, advanced web development, mobile application development, creative web designing, digital marketing, eCommerce ,  CMS, ERP and IT consulting services.


We follow Industry Certified Processes to deliver quality services to our domestic clients based in India as well as offshore from Australia, U.S, Europe, Canada and Spain. We are associated with many companies as their sole Outsourcing Partner.Our glorious vision will surely ignite your mind and capture your imaginations resulting into world class products. A perfect platform aggregating knowledge and skills to deliver product the way you want it.


•  A deep understanding of IT and web services
•  Proven experience in bridging design and sourcing perspectives
•  Extensive website development & deployment experience
•  Workflows that apply advanced sourcing to globally outsourced development
•  Software Solutions specializing in Systems and Applications Software with unique value proposition – Quality at an effective cost.
•  Solutions for component based multi-tier architecture application development and systems administration software under windows.
• Solutions for web-centric, distributed computing requirements with its expertise in Windows JAVA, EJB , ASP, JSP, XML, C#, VB and Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Web technologies.


A leisurely walk around our office and a look at all the placards & signage hung on the walls (by the way, there are 37 of them), you will know all about our philosophy, work-culture and our beliefs. The ups and downs of the learning curve aspire to traverse the barriers of the technical and growth in knowledge wave. Beyond the work and daily routine we organize many fun-trips and outgoings, get-togethers making life healthier and exploring the interpersonal skills of everyone, who is the part of corporation.

If you need anything else you can ask me a question on the contact form.