Mobile Optimized Website – The Way Forward

It’s a mobile and mobile internet era, mobile phones are increasingly used for access internet  and along with calling, receiving calls, messages and other transactions. This necessitates need for Mobile Optimized Websites. Such websites are built specifically for viewing on mobile phones that enables the users to go through the content without scrolling left-right, pinch or zoom to read the text. They load much faster and have features like tap to call, tap to email, and tap for Google Maps functions etc. These result in increased sales, generate greater traffic and boost user interaction.

At the same time, this has created a great hurdle in designing a web content that can be accessed through mobile and other devices.

As mobile users have matured to use mobiles for more than traditional activities of calling, messaging and chat. It has become utmost important to have user friendly mobile optimized websites. They come with the following advantages:


  • Brownie Points for Better User Experience: Business with mobile web solutions are preferred over others as due to speed of download and ease of navigation. Also business build a positive image in the eyes of the current/prospective customers. It’s a sign of credibility, professional, organized approach and serious business.
  • Better Search Engine Rankings: Website designed specifically for mobiles helps to enhance the search engine rankings. This automatically translates to more hits to the website and inclusion in many more search directories.
  • Easy Portability and Connectivity: Mobile websites can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. It presents the dual benefit: the customers can get in touch with the businesses any time and so can the businesses.  Thus it serves a faster communication channel.

Some interesting facts and trends.

Findings of a recent Google survey states that

  •  Around 67% of mobile consumers prefer dealing with mobile friendly website
  •  Around 50% felt bad mobile experience would turn them away from the company

In order to give the rapidly growing mobile web users the best experience, retain existing customers and expand customer base, increasingly businesses are going in for mobile optimized website.

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