Social Media Trends

Social media having taken the world by a storm in the recent years is expected to play a major role in the years to come too. Marketing through social media which was one of the many channels would be one of the main source reach out to the target market.

Some of predicted trends in 2014 are discussed here.

Increase in user of Smart phones and mobile applications:

With so many  mobile phones and smart applications flooding the market, the number users are also increasing at a rapid pace. Most of those who own these trendy devices have internet on them. There is a greater scope to connect and share content through these hand held devices. Therefore, its imperative for the businesses to showcase their presence on social media that will be frequently accessed by these users.

Snap Chat on the rise

Snap Chat, a mobile app , that sends messages, pictures or short videos as ‘snaps’ that would auto-destruct within seconds has been welcomed very warmly. Brand marketers find Snap Chat Stories very useful feature as they can connect to the customers on the spot and get to share their experiences increase the interaction.

Google +  will see plus plus users

Google being a premier search engine , using social signals to integrate all users needs  under one roof will be definitely see the slide tilt in their favor. With introduction of Google Authorship and Google Author Rank, Google+ is here to make it big and stay. Businesses who have not used much of social media presence will also move in the direction and the best place to start of would be Google + sheerly due to ability to  provide that personalized search experience.

Linked In – be there to be seen as a pro

Linked in has established its monopoly as the social networking site for professional and B2B marketers. It enhancing the being on Linked in experience by launch its Influencers program which is a great source of content creation for the professionals.

Twitter evoking renewed interest

Twitter’ going public has renewed the interest on this site and has managed to get back a lot of lost customers. Apart from the new users joining due to curiosity by the popularity evoked by site , lots of young adults and teenagers are shifting loyalties and exploring Twitter.

To sum up the trends, Google + will see a definite growth in spite of the presence of giants like Face book and Twitter. These veteran sites will see a increased competition from other social media sites that are constantly innovating. Business marketing professional will target to have their presence felt on mobile devices as well.

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