Cloud Application Development


In the midst of fierce competition these days with scores of competitors ready to pounce on your client base, it becomes absolutely necessary to retain existing customers as well as acquire new ones. Businesses need to stay ahead on the technology curve by having a comprehensive data and competitive pricing. BitsActive cloud application development services, with their promise of access to information at all times through user-friendly UI’s and affordable pricing, seem to be just the right answer.


The term ‘Cloud’ refers to a network of computers, which handles all assigned tasks. Cloud computing is the provision of allowing a user to log into a web based service, that has all the programs necessary for completing a job. Everything ranging from word processing, to emailing, to various complex data analysis programs are run by cloud computing service providers. Cloud computing has become the next big thing in the span of application software, hardware, storage and platform flexibility. It provides an easy solution to most complex problems. The system supports all kinds of businesses, but is extremely beneficial for for middle and small sized businesses.

Cloud application development has become the lifeline of organizations which are looking for simple solutions to compound problem of selecting and organizing software as per an employee’s area of work. Every internet user has undoubtedly benefited from cloud computing.


The structural design of cloud computing can be categorized into sections: Front end and Back end. The end user, web browser or the client who uses the cloud services controls the Front end. The network of servers in a data storage or computer program, which runs, maintains and handles the cloud, is the Back end.

It has a centralized server administration system. The centralized server helps in administering the system, adjusts/balances client supply-demands and avoids congestion by monitoring traffic. This server follows a set of protocol known as middleware. This is the intermediary that allows networked computers to communicate with each other. Cloud computing helps in successful conservation of power energy and therefore is also known as green computing.


  • Centralized data: Cloud based applications help in centralizing all data by storing it in cloud, enabling easy access. A single point of access to information ensures that there is more time for productive work and less time to worry about managing multiple information sets.
  • Minimized cost: You pay as per the usage of services, which aids in planning your operational cash flows and liability of your project. There is low risk and upfront capital investment, which makes it easier for businesses to utilize technology and serve clients better at a fraction of a cost.
  • Value your time: Cloud application development can enable businesses to gain rapid return on investment (ROI). Easy customized solutions as well as low capital and operational costs, allows developers to meet your fast changing business needs.
  • Helps in securing valuable data: Critical data can be protected through banking-grade security levels. Cloud services provide an additional layer of data security by offering backup in off-site locations. Your data will remain safe even if your system crashes.
  • Quick learning curve: Cloud based applications can be installed quickly. They are offered through user-friendly interfaces and are easy to use. It allows users to come up the learning curve faster and enables businesses to reap the benefits of improved technology.

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