Web Application Development



It is getting increasingly demanding for businesses to maximize the power of internet, to promote their products and services. One of the most important and beneficial ways of driving traffic to your website is by acquiring web development services through a web application development company. Website development services become all the more important, if you are planning the launch of an online business. Following services generally fall under the web development umbrella – web content development, e-commerce development, web design and other web related services.

BitsActive Systems is a premier web application development company. We have been developing quality web applications for over a decade. Our endeavor is to consistently gain new insights into making perfect web applications. Our focus remains on how to achieve our objectives in the most productive and user friendly manner.

There are many stages to web application development, starting from high level strategy, planning, research, to design, programming, business consulting, testing and training. In this entire process, our method of working remains transparent with our clients. Our web applications are well designed as well as business ready from day one.

We ensure that a clean programming code is installed in the web system, so that the software can perform effectively and is easy to maintain for a long time. Our programmers are aware of the importance of your website’s performance, in the success of your business. We build websites keeping in mind an effective and efficient crawling of web pages, in order to accommodate all the major search engines.


  • Customers can choose a product/solution which is best suited for them, after comparing with other products.
  • Customized configurations and solutions, based on pre-decided permutations and combination.
  • Generates qualified leads as per customer’s interests.
  • The power of decision-making remains with the customer, therefore building credibility.


BitsActive will make sure to use only the latest technology to keep your web application as up-to-date as your needs. We constantly update our own inventory and use the best technology and minds available. The result? A seamless web application with all the functionality you ever needed. Our web applications are aimed at making your business understandable to your customers, from the very basic level to the most complex. This means that whenever your customer uses your web application, he/she gets a clear idea of what it’s all about. And that makes everything easier – buying, ordering or customizing.


  • We combine technical skills with creative talent and produce web applications that suit our customer’s needs.
  • We put user behavior to use and design custom application development services.
  • We pay attention to every detail, hence enhancing every aspect of the application.
  • Our application has a flexible and robust architecture, that reduces time and costs of scalability.
  • We have a complete view of your business process and provide real-time services to your application.
  • We deal with complexities in a very organized manner and determine the exact technological solution to every problem.

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