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Technology plays a crucial role in today’s business world. If your email goes down or you can’t connect to the internet to collect an important data, your productivity will decline and business might suffer. Benefits of technology come at a price and in times like these when technology doesn’t seem to be at your side, you need a reliable IT partner who can help in reducing your downtime. The right technological support will impact productivity, flexibility and even your bottom line.

BitsActive Systems provides leading IT consulting services in India. We focus on strategic needs of clients and try to determine their long term business goals, providing them with supporting technological capabilities. We help companies address their technology-related decisions and make sure that their operating modules are competent and agile. We offer one of the topmost technology consulting services in India, equipping companies to get ahead in the midst of fleeting technology trends, creating long lasting results.

Our team includes professionals who are experts in IT consulting services, having completed a number of assignments across industries and technologies. We draw on our experience of over a decade to help solve our client’s most difficult technological challenges, including how to progress in this digital age. Our experts are especially capable of handling companies going through re-inventions of their technology organizations or any other major transformation.


The digitization of information, processes and content is transforming the process of technology buying. A recent survey of customer service, marketing and supply chain functions has found that almost one-third of technology purchasing has moved to executives outside of IT. The change has occurred as non-IT businesses are transferring investments from traditional services and labor, to technology-enabled services and tools.

We excel in a range of technology capabilities that assist our clients in four key business situations:

  • IT Strategy: Transforming and growing a business is only possible with the help of new technologies. BitsActive helps clients who are looking forward to a major growth or change in their business. A change that is heavily technology-dependent and identifies the future state of IT combined with their business needs, and develop an implementation blueprint accordingly.
  • Improvement in IT performance: IT that is under-performing affects business performance negatively. BitsActive works with companies who want to address their IT efficiency problems. We help not only to reduce cost, but also to develop and improve capabilities that enable innovation and progress.
  • IT M&A: Successful mergers, separations and acquisitions are possible due to technology-related synergies. We help companies to plan and manage changes in their business processes and accommodate changes in their business structure.
  • Effectiveness of IT project: BitsActive helps clients maximize business results from important technology initiatives such as turnaround programs. We help our customers in evaluating the case for investment, bring current projects to the right track and set up new projects successfully.

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